So that was 3 years ago….

I started this blog with one post and more than one good intention. That’s as far as it got! My poor family history and Frances Elizabeth Dutton in particular has been buried under the weight of work, day to day life, bike riding, academic study and having fun away from the computer. Am pondering resurrecting the blog. Mind you, this could mean the next post appears in 2020 if my current performance is anything to go by. Still….maybe I’ll get the family history out over the next week and see what happens!



Where it all began….

My name is Frances Elizabeth Dutton. I was born on the 15th December 1874, a cold month to enter the world but enter it I did to my parents William Dutton and Jane Dutton (nee Haddock). I was their first child and they had me baptised the following year on the 28th March at the church in the parish of St Andrews in Manchester, Ancoats. ┬áThe church in which they had married just 11 months before I appeared. The 3rd November 1873 was their wedding day. Their witnesses were my mother Jane’s sister Sarah and a chap called Robert Knowles (who Sarah went on to marry in 1878). More about my parents another ┬átime though.

All of this is pretty ordinary, in fact much of my story probably seems so for someone born in this era but hopefully my story will interest you. It is not just my story but that of my family and by writing my story I hope to find out more about what happened.

Posts may be a bit sporadic as information is found and discovered so please bear with me. If you think you may know any history of one of the locations I talk about, I would be very interested to hear.

Many thanks and fingers crossed this blog works!